Intel neural computing stick

What is Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick?

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Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick (NCS) is a tiny fanless deep learning device that you can use to learn AI programming . It has high performance Intel Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU) that can be used with smart security cameras, gesture controlled drones, industrial machine vision equipment and much more.

You could interface the one with the Raspberry pi and process video and image using deep learning method

Key features include

  • Support for FP16, FP32 and integer operations with 8-, 16- and 32-bit accuracy
  • Real-time, on-device inference without Cloud connectivity
  • Deploy existing convolutional neural network (CNN) models or uniquely trained networks
  • All data and power provided over a single USB 3.0 port on a host PC

intel movidius technical specification

List of Machine learning projects you could do with Intel Movidius Compute Stick

  • Drones and robotics
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Wearables
  • Smart security
  • Object recognition
  • Pattern recognition

intel movidius compatible software


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