What is Curie Neurons Kit ?

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The CurieNeurons is a neural network deep learning kit designed for creating artificial intelligence related IoT projects. The kit includes all necessary tools, components and tutorials for setting up quick demos. The CurieNeurons Kit includes the Arduino/Genuino101 equipped with the groundbreaking Intel® Curie™ module, a collection of sensors and actuators, the General Vision CurieNeurons Pro library and a handful of tutorials for setting up quick demos. Users can now use training instead of coding to embed artificial intelligence into everything, without worrying about the technical nuances of how neural networks actually work.


  • Supports Arduino IDE
  • CurieNeurons Pro library for easy pattern learning and classification

CurieNeurons Library

Get full access to the neurons of the Curie module

  • Learn motion and signals from other sensors on the go
  • Recognize them immediately
  • Deploy application swith multiple sensors and context awareness
  • New example interfacing to the ArduCAM camera

what can i do with curie neurons

curie neuron attributes


List of Neural networks demo on Curie Neuron


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