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TOP 200 IoT Projects for Engineering Students

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This blog post summarizes Internet of things based projects for engineering students

TOP 200 IoT Projects for Engineering Student

 Internet of things (IoT) is a Advanced technology that makes our lives simpler and happier. With the rapid increase in the number of users of internet over the past decade has made Internet a part and parcel of life, and IoT is the latest and emerging internet technology. IoT Technology waves us to the world where we can connect, interact and command any Device using Internet. It is a Giant Network of connecting things and people. With this Simple and powerful technology we can make many amazing projects to control any electronic devices at home or Industries. We made those projects it’s Your time… Check out 200 New Real time project ideas Now..

1)IoT Based Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino Uno

If you want to know the temperature/Humidity of your home on real time basis, You can see it in your smart mobile whenever you want and where ever you might be the information reaches you with a single click. Is it not interesting, All such can be done with devices which report you. In Our project we used DHT11 sensor for sensing temperature and humidity, Arduino microcontroller is used to control the devices and ESP8266-01 as Wifi module which has facility to upload data to IoT cloud(Thingspeak).

2)IoT Weather Reporting system using Raspberry pi

As the scope for Automation is increasing, many industries and organizations are looking over a better option that can be only IoT. This project helps you in weather reporting. We used many sensors that can help in sensing all weather monitoring parameters and RaspberryPi gathers all the information from them and uploads it to Thingspeak cloud which is a wonderful application platform for IoT, where you can see report that sensors sends you.

3)IoT Connected Healthcare Applications

IoT technology spread its wings to Medical sector to save many lives. The aim of developing this project is to monitor health condition of a person anywhere and send the information to a specialized doctor to check up. Using this frequency of visiting doctor decreases. We developed a project using Wearable sensors with solar harvesting and Bluetooth low energy transmission that creates a wireless body area network (WBAN).Using this project you can detect heartbeat, Blood pressure, hemoglobin content etc., All this reports can be used for analyzing person’s health.

4)IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System

As the population increasing the effort on Traffic is also increasing. In many metropolitan cities it is being difficult for traffic Management team to control it. So, IoT can help the traffic system to be automated and monitor the traffic status using internet. We can also extend these applications to coordinate the ambulance according to the traffic status. We have used RaspberryPi and Camera to monitor the traffic in real time and upload the report to the traffic control officer’s panel.

5)IoT Based Smart Parking System Using RFID

With increase in usage of vehicles Parking space is very difficult to find. we need to use the human effort to check where to park our vehicle. To Overcome this problem we developed Smart Parking system that shows you space to park your vehicle. Here our car will have an RFID sensor for vehicle identification. Whenever a vehicle need to be parked in the parking slot you can check the status of the available slot in a web page and place your vehicle there. Really Smart….

6)Smart Irrigation System Using IoT

Every living organism need food to live, We cannot imagine life without Irrigation. If everything gets automated even irrigation system also need to be. We have developed Smart Irrigation system using concept of IoT. As we know farming has different stages, To help these farmers in understanding the climatic conditions, moisture content in the soil and to make their decisions easy we have developed Smart irrigation System using IoT. We used different sensors that sense temperature, moisture and humidity of agricultural area. Information of all sensor nodes are collected by zigbee module and transmits the data to microcontroller connected with wifi module that uploads the report on the cloud where a farmer can monitor those parameters in their Smart phones or PC on daily basis and take necessary steps to make their agriculture farm grow smart…

7)IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart City

We have developed cities that has many facilities for making people’s life simpler, But still, Waste management is a big challenge as the population is increasing day by day. We see municipality waste management team monitoring all the dustbins every day even the dustbin is not filled. Let’s help them to be smart using IoT, this project acts like a waste management guard at every dustbin. Whenever the dustbin is about to fill it sends information to the team to collect the waste and also differentiates wet and dry waste. This is our smart way of protecting living environment with garbage.

8)Build a Cloud based temperature Monitoring system IOT using Spartan3an Starter Kit

In many industries Temperature is very important parameter and they will be using big servers to store the monitored data on daily basis. Building a cloud based temperature monitoring system is the best way to store data on a cloud and can have access to monitor the temperature anywhere in the world. We used SPARTAN3AN STARTER KIT which is connected with temperature sensor and Wifi module-ESP8266 that helps in uploading the information to store on the cloud that prevents dataloss. We use technology to build Smart solutions.

9)IoT Based Smart Street Light:

Energy consumption and management is a major task for people to lighten up our next generation future. We waste electricity, Let’s be smart enough in reducing the energy consumption. In this practice we developed automatic street lights that acts smart using IoT. In Our project Street light intensity gets changed along with the environment. If you walk at night the intensity will be high and morning it falls to minimum. We can monitor this using your Smart gadgets. Thingspeak cloud is used as IoT platform and Arduino Uno and Raspberry pi along with light sensors are used to be Smart.



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