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Top 100+ Image Processing Projects – Source Code and Abstracts

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Here is the list of best image processing projects for students community.

Best Image Processing Projects Collection

1) Matlab code for License Plate Recognition

The objective of the project is to design an efficient algorithm to recognize the License plate of the car.

2)Face Emotion Recognition Using Matlab

This project recognition the emotion in face images.The code was implemented in Matlab

3) Matlab based Target Detection 

This program detects a target image in a given image according to maximization of Cross Correlation. This program works only if the search image is the subset of the large image .this type of technique is used in SAR(Synthetic aperture radar ) Images to identify the target

4) Matlab code for Drowsy Driver Detection

Driver fatigue is a significant factor in a large number of vehicle accidents. The development of technologies for detecting or preventing drowsiness has been done thru several methods, some research used EEG for drowsy detection ,and some used eyeblink sensors,this project uses web camera for Drowsy detection.Web camera is connected to the pc and images were acquired and processed by matlab. The aim of this project is to develop a prototype drowsiness detection system. The focus will be placed on designing a system that will accurately monitor the eye movements of a driver in real-time. By monitoring the eye movements, it is believed that the symptoms of driver fatigue can be detected early enough to avoid a car accident.

5)Human Action recognition using Image Processing

Matlab code is written to recognize human actions namely ‘walking’, ‘jogging’,’running’, ‘boxing’,’hand waving’, and ‘hand clapping’ using image processing algorithm


6)Breast Cancer Detection using Neural Networks

This project explains breast cancer detection using neural networks .MIAS database has been used for testing the performance of the system

7) Matlab code for Curvelet and Wavelet-based Image fusion

In this project, two medical images are fused based on the Wavelet Transform (WT) and Curvelet transform using different fusion techniques.

8)Matlab code for Face Recognition using Gabor Features

This paper proposes a classification-based face detection method using Gabor filter features. Considering the desirable characteristics of spatial locality and orientation selectivities of the Gabor filter, we design filters for extracting facia

9)Matlab code for 3D SPIHT

The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for 3d spiht. These functions implement the 3D SPIHT algorithm, used for the compression of 3d wavelet coefficients. Such 3d wavelet coefficients are produced during

10)Matlab code for Wavelet Based Image Fusion

Matlab code for Wavelet Based Image Fusion

11) Matlab Code for Image Restoration

A robust structure-adaptive hybrid vector filter is proposed for digital color image restoration in this project. At each pixel location, the image vector (i.e., pixel) is first classified into several different signal activity categories by app

12) Matlab code for Neuro Fuzzy Based Image Fusion

This paper proposes anatomical image fusion based on second generation wavelet transform . The fusion rule is based on neuro-fuzzy. The anatomical images are decomposed using IWT. The wavelet coefficients are then fused using neuro-fuzzy algorithm

13) Matlab Code for Iris Segmentation

The purpose of the project is to localize that portion of the acquired image that corresponds to an iris . In particular, it is necessary to localize that portion of the image derived from inside the limbus (the border between the sclera an

14) Background estimation based on Mode algorithm

We propose a novel background extraction algorithm based on Mode algorithm

15) Medical Image Retrieval using Energy Efficient Wavelet

Medical Image Retrieval using Energy Efficient Wavelet

16) Matlab Code for Integer Wavelet Transform

This project provides the matlab code for integer wavelet transform,which could be used for numerous applications in image processing

17) Blood Vessel Segmentation in Angiograms using FIS and Morphological Operations

In this project, we evaluate the performance of a fuzzy inference system and morphology filters for blood vessel segmentation in a noise angiograms image

18) Image Compression using Run Length Encoding

Image compression may be lossy or lossless. This project explains a lossy compression scheme based on Run Length Encoding

19 )How to Extract Text from Images Using Matlab

This matlab program explains you to extract text from images .This code snippet could be used for applications like license plate recognition ,OCR ,Text to speech conveter and other applications.

20) Matlab code for Eye Tracking

This Project track the eyes in real time from a web camera using viola jone face detection algorithm.This code could be used for eye tracking and drowsy driver applications.

21) Image Retrieval based on Segmentation

In this project, object retrieval techniques based on Threshold based Image segmentation are proposed .image retrieval results are compared with other methods

22) Matlab Code for Red Colour Object Tracking

This code is used to track red colour objects in a Video.the same code can be used for tracking other colour

23) Matlab Code for Real Time Edge detection

This project implements real-time edge detection using Matlab , Edges characterize object boundaries useful for identification of the object in a scene such as an X-Ray image.

24) Matlab code for Optical Character recognition

This project provides the matlab code for Basic Optical Character recognition using Correlation .

25)Matlab code for Iris recognition

To design a iris recognition system based on an empirical analysis of
the iris image and it is split in several steps using local image properties.

26) Region of Interest Based Image Compression

The main goal of region of interest (ROI) based Image compression is to enhance the compression efficiency for transmission and storage.

27) LSB Steganography

Steganography is a branch of information hiding. This project provides the basic source code of image steganography using LSB algorithm.

28) Matlab code for Embedded Zero Wavelet (EZW) Image Compression

This project presents an image compression system based on the embedded zero wavelet transform.

29)Matlab code for Drowsy Driver Detection

Driver fatigue is a significant factor in a large number of vehicle accidents. The development of technologies for detecting or preventing drowsiness has been done thru several methods, some research used EEG for drowsy detection ,


30) Matlab Code for Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm

Image compression is minimizing the size in bytes of a graphics file without degrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level.

31) Matlab Code for Haze Removal

Haze removal (or dehazing) is highly desired in both consumer/computational photography and computer vision applications.

32) Matlab code for Real Time Motion Detection

Introduction to Real time Motion Detection in video surveillance, video signals from multiple remote locations are displayed on several TV screens which are typically placed together in a control room

33) Matlab Code for 3D DWT (3 Dimensonal Discrete Wavelet Transform)

In this project, a 3D discrete wavelet transform (DWT) approach is proposed for performing 3D compression and other 3d applications.

34) Matlab code for Detection of Microcalcification

35 )Matlab code for real time face detection and Tracking

Face detection and tracking has been an important and active research field because it offers many applications, especially in video surveillance, biometrics, or video coding.

36) Matlab code for Face Recognition using fisher faces

Matlab code for Face Recognition using fisher faces

37)Matlab Code for PCA based Image Fusion

This project explains Image fusion based on PCA Method

38) Matlab code for Digital Watermarking

Digital watermark is a kind of marker covertly embedded in a noise-tolerant signal such as an audio, video or image data. It is typically used to identify ownership of the copyright of such signal.

39) Matlab code for Diabetic Retinopathy using HSV and Fuzzy

People with diabetes can have an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. This is when high blood sugar levels cause damage to blood vessels in the retina. These blood vessels can swell and leak.

40) Matlab code for DCT & DWT based Image Compression

This project explains the DCT and DWT based Image compression and the output are verified using PSNR ,MSE and compression ratio metrics

41)Matlab Code for Image Inpainting

The goal in this project was to find ways to remedy the primary defects that afflict digital and scanned photographs,using a combination of algorithms which would make the inpainting process faster, and would also require less user input.

42) Matlab code for Glaucoma Detection

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness. In closed angled Glaucoma, fluid pressure in the eye increases because of inadequate fluid flow between the iris and the cornea.

43)Matlab code for Background subtraction using Fuzzy

Matlab code for Background subtraction using Fuzzy

44)Matlab Code for Seam Carving

Seam carving also known as Image retargeting, content-aware image resizing, content-aware scaling, liquid resizing, or liquid rescaling, is an algorithm for image resizing.It functions by establishing a number of seams

45) Linear and Morphological Image Filtering using Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

Linear and Morphological Image Filtering using Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

46)Lifting based Discrete Wavelet Transform using Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

In this project, we implement algorithms for efficient implementation of lifting based Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) using Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

47)FPGA Implementation of Medical Image Fusion using Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

This Project implements FPGA Based Image fusion technique to analyze Medical images to diagnose various diseases. For medical diagnosis, Computed Tomography

48)FPGA Based Sobal Edge Detection using Spartan3 FPGA Project Kit

In this project proposed a kind of parallel processing construction of Sobel edge detection enhancement algorithm, which can quickly get the result of one pixel in only one clock periods.

49)FPGA based Median Filter Implementation using Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

The Median filter is an effective method for the removal of impulse-based noise from the images. This paper suggests an optimized architecture for filter implementation on Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit.

50)Defect Detection of PCB Fabrication with Subtraction Method using Spartan3 Image Processing Kit

It is inevitable that there will appear defections such as the appearance not neat, solder mask unevenness, lines and pads damages in the production of printed circuit board. In this Project Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit

51)Median Filter Project Using TMS320C6745 DSP KIT

Median Filter is implemented with Dsp TMS320C6745
hardware setup and software program in C code as well as used MatLab too. Whereas median filter are used wide range of application in Digital Image Processing.

52) Eyeball Movement Based Cursor Control

This project details to control the PC cursor using eyeball movement

53) Automatic Character Recognition using CNN –Python

This project uses Convolution neural network for character recognition

54)Artery deposition analysis using Segmentation and CNN Classification

55)Moving object detection and tracking using SIFT with k-means clustering

56)Disparity matching of 2d Images using Matlab

57)Satellite image fusion using Matlab

58)Content Based Image retrieval using DRLBP

59)Cloth Classifcation using Matlab

60)Skin Disease detection using Matlab

61)Brain Pressure analysis using neural networks

62)Image Dehazing using Matlab

63)Fruit disease detection using Image Procesing –Matlab

64)Face Recognition using Combined SIFT

65)ECG Signal Steganography using Matlab

66)Oral Cancer detection using Image Processing- Matlab

67)Kidney Stone analysis using Matlab

68)Robust Image Watermarking Applications using SVD

69)Tuberculosis detection in XRAY images using Matlab

70)Image compression using Huffman coding and run length coding

71)Text Detection in Images Using Python

72)Blood Vessel segmentation in Retinal Images using Matlab

73)Liver Tumor detection using Matlab

74)Lung Cancer Detection using Matlab

The Computed Tomography (CT) images are used which are more efficient than X-ray. MATLAB is widely used software for the study of lung cancer detection from CT scan images.

75)Fake Currency detection using Image Processing

The approach presented in this paper is based upon physical appearance of the Indian currency. Image processing algorithms have been adopted to extract the features such as security thread, intaglio printing(RBI logo) and identification mark, which have been adopted as security features of Indian currency.

76)Shadow detection and removal in Images using Matlab

77)Speech Emotion detection using Neural network

78)Colour-based Image Retrieval using Matlab

An image retrieval system is a computer system for browsing, searching and retrieving images from a large database of digital images using the image as a query. It extracts the feature from an image using any feature extraction method and compare the features using distance metrics and rank the images based on the similarily you could download Matlab code from the below link. This project provides the source code based on color based image retrieval. It converts the RGB to HSV and uses similarity matrix for correlation.


79)Leaf Disease Detection using Image Processing

80)Quality Testing of Rice grains using Neural Network

81)Driver Drowsiness detection using OpenCV and Python

82)Food Calorie Measurement Using Matlab

The idea presented in this project is driven by the growing apprehensions regarding health problems related to obesity and being overweight.This system is used to measure calorie present in the food

83)Matlab code for Audio Steganography using chaos encryption and RC7 encryption

84) Embedded Zero Wavelet (EZW) Image Compression with Matlab

This project presents an image compression system based on the embedded zero wavelet transform. The compression system includes wavelet transform to remove unimportant information of the image, thresholding of the wavelet coefficients, zerotree coding of the thresholded coefficients, and finally arithmetic coding of the zero tree code.


  1. Hello I Need Codes for Detecting Different Objects in Some Images, i.e Codes Recognize an Image for Animal, and other image for Car and …..
    Using MLP method or CNN (Convolutional neural Net) or other methods.
    Thanks a lot…
    Best Regards… – Seyed Hosein Alhoseiny

  2. I need the frame work of convolutional neural network & modular neural network for choosing a node in wireless network by using rss,bw etc?
    If you have anything regarding it please send to my mail

  3. hi
    i require matlab source code for randomized visual secret sharing scheme for grey scale and color images
    Thank you

  4. I’m doing my project on Image Registration using Huber’s M-estimator……..i’m doing template matching for that i got some errors….. if you have code for Huber’s m-estimator code for template matching please send me.

    thank you sir.

  5. hi,
    I need matlab code for PDE(partial differential equation) based method for denoisy image in image restoration.
    Thank you in advance

  6. Hi, I need code for “Minutia extraction of fingerprint using Improved Median filter”. so pls help me with code.

  7. hi ..i need a code for dental caries detection on periapical radiographs using deep learning algorithms.anyone plz help me i need a code .

  8. sir i need matlab code for facial expression recognition in humans using image processing plz send me svm classifier code and these code

  9. sir my project on facial expression recognition in humans using image processing sir my mail id
    sir i done preprocessing code, features extractions on face image code, centroides of each features, my using distance vector method is calculate distance vector these code i done and correct output but next steps i face problem plz send me matlab code for ” facial expression recognition in humans using image processing ”. i use “svm ” claffifier, for facial expressions plz send me matlab code

  10. I want a matlab coding for Chlorophill extraction in coatal water using satellite images?
    Can any body help me as I’m new to Matlab?

  11. Hello, I need source code for Image Mining. The code should take an input image and display all posibble related images by comparing pixels, graphics etc.

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