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This 19-Year-Old is Building a Cheaper, Better Prosthetic Limb using Neurosky Mindwave Mobile


LaChappelle, from Colorado, taught himself robotics after meeting a 7-year-old girl at the state science fair who had a prosthetic arm that she told him cost $80,000. He’s refined his technique since he built his first prosthetic arm (with LEGOs, no less), combining 3D printing and open-source software to allow others to download and work with his designs.

“No one person can change the world,” LaChappelle says. “It takes multiple people, so if I can develop technology in a way so other people can take what I’ve done and grow from it and do something more with it, someone could take that and keep impacting someone else’s life and eventually try and rule out a lot of the bad in the world by giving back.”

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