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TempTraq -a thermometer for babies in the form of an adhesive bandage


TempTraq is the first and only 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device.


Q: Are there limitations to the Bluetooth connectivity?

A: As with any wireless device, there must be wireless signal to send/receive information being collected by the TempTraq patch, which captures and transmits temperatures to in-range (up to 40 feet) mobile devices through the TempTraq app. When out of the 40-foot in-use range, consumers are notified that their device is out of reach.

Q: Could someone access my child’s or my own personal information through the smartphone app?

A: There is no patient identifiable information transmitted from the patch.

Q: Could the information transmitting from the antenna to my cell phone pose potential health concerns to my child?

A: TempTraq has been third-party tested by an FCC certified lab. It operates at a level below most wearable fitness tracking devices.

Q: Could the technology behind the product allow it to be used in incremental hourly periods that would add up to a full 24-hour period?

A: Once the product is activated, the wearable patch is active for a continuous 24-hour period of time allowing for one full day of temperature monitoring.

Q: How did this product concept come about?

A: Blue Spark Technologies saw a need for a digital thermometer that eliminates having to disturb a sick child. TempTraq was created to fulfill this need for today’s busy and tech-savvy parents. It’s a comfortable, wearable, convenient, easy-to-use intelligent thermometer innovation that continuously monitors body temperature wirelessly.

Q: Can you describe the battery?

A: The patented printed battery is thin, flexible, and completely safe and comfortable for children to wear.

Q: How does this work with my cell phone?

A: TempTraq users can download the free app for Android or iOS devices. When connected to Bluetooth low-energy, users can receive data transmitted through an antenna contained within the TempTraq wearable patches.

Q: How durable is this product? Is it waterproof? Are there any safety concerns?

A: Similar to adhesive bandages, the TempTraq wearable patch is durable, waterproof and safe under normal use circumstances. The TempTraq patch is constructed of safe-to-use, soft, flexible materials that are latex-free and commonly designed into wearable patches.

Q: Is the temperature really accurate? What mechanisms are in place to ensure there is a constant, true reading?

A: Highly accurate, the TempTraq patch measures temperatures between 86.0 and 108.3°F. It has been tested to the ASTM E1112-00 standard, which is the current standard for digital thermometers.

Q: Is there an expiration date?

A: The product has a one-year shelf life from the time of production.

Q: What if the product doesn’t work? Is there a product warranty?

A: The user will receive a notification that the patch is not communicating and temperature readings aren’t available.

Q: What is the range of the patch?

A: The range of the patch is up to 40 feet, dependent on the relationship of the patch to the receiving device.

Q: Where is the product, or product components, manufactured?

A: While we do have global suppliers, TempTraq patches are assembled in the U.S.

Q: Why would a customer purchase a single-use thermometer?

A: The value TempTraq offers is priceless as it’s the only intelligent, wireless way to monitor a sick child. Unlike other available thermometers, TempTraq and the app display both real time and historical temperature data transmitted from the patch in graphical and data table views. This allows parents to see fluctuations and quickly adapt treatment as temperature is a key health indicator.

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