Brain Controlled Robot

Brain Machine Interface this new technology system will enable people to control robots using their mind.

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LittleDog – The Legged Locomotion Learning Robot

LittleDog is a quadruped robot designed for research on learning locomotion. Scientists at leading institutions use LittleDog to probe the fundamental relationships among motor learning, dynamic control, perception of the environment, and rough-terrain locomotion. LittleDog is used at MIT, Stanford, … Continue reading

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CHEETAH – Fastest Legged Robot

The Cheetah robot is the fastest legged robot in the World, surpassing 29 mph, a new land speed record for legged robots. The previous record was 13.1 mph, set in 1989 at MIT. The Cheetah robot has an articulated back … Continue reading

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Quadruped Robot

Source :   Simplicity. The robot is made from as few parts as possible. Every part that is added is another part that can fail. It is easy to solve a problem by adding more components. It’s harder but … Continue reading

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POPPY -Open Source Robot

Poppy is an Open-source humanoid platform based on robust, flexible,easy-to-use hardware and software.Designed by the Flowers Lab at Inria Bordeaux and Ensta ParisTech (France), its development aims at providing an affordable and hackable humanoid robot for science, education, art and geeks.

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