Study of Position Sensor

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To study the Position Sensor (Servopot) manually using DC Position Control System Trainer

Apparatus Required

☞Trainer module

☞Motor Setup

☞Patch Chords



This experiment is intended to study the operation of Position Sensor. For each step note down the motor position in Lcd display and position feedback voltage in voltmeter and tabulate it.


☞Connect one voltmeter across position & ground point.

☞Now manually vary the motor position step by step.

☞For each step note down the voltmeter and position readings.

☞Tabulate the readings and observe it.



The Position Sensor gives linear output voltage with respect to the degree range of 10&dec; to 350° and out of this range it gives the nonlinear output. So we can control the position of the DC motor in the range of 5° to 340°.

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