Step Down and Step Up Chopper

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Step Down and Step Up Chopper


To Study Step Up and Step Down Chopper

Apparatus required

Step Up and Step Down Chopper kit

☞Patch chords

☞Power chord

Circuit Diagram for Step Down and Step Up chopper

Step Down and Step Up Chopper
Step Down and Step Up Chopper

Step Up Chopper


Step Down Chopper



Experiment Steps

Switch on the power for Kit. Set the potentiometer to minimum position. Switch on SW2 and observe the pulse across G.Check whether DC voltage is varying from 0-30V. Connections are made as shown in the circuit diagram. Now vary the frequency using to some point. Vary input voltage and note down the reading across load. Repeat from step6 for different values.

Note: If the connections are made wrong the kit may get damaged. Please switch off the kit when not in use.

Tabulation: (Step Up and Step Down)

Set Frequency: …………………

S.NO.Input VoltsVIOutput VoltsVO 1.2246810131416 35691113161820 




Thu Step Up and Step Down Chopper was constructed and verified with the graph.

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