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The Shimmer platform was originally designed for education, academic, applied, and clinical researchers to integrate wireless body sensor technology into a wide range of application areas.

The platform is based on a flexible and configurable philosophy; Shimmer has a range of features designed for Research and Education:

  • Configurable and flexible – the platform can be programmed to meet each applications exact data capture and transfer requirements
  • High quality, robust, scientifically reliable data – with the platform validated and reference in over 100 peer reviewed journal articles
  • Reduce application development time and cost with reliable and robust technology that can be rapidly integrated into overall solution
  • Complete control over data captured for interpretation and analysis specific to your application, unlike propriety and closed sensor platform
  • Key support tools readily available – including instrument driver, enabling software, and advanced feature software
  • Addresses challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption
  • Large research and user community




Application Areas

The Shimmer body sensor platform and wearable sensing system can be used in a wide range of application areas. As the equipment and tools we supply are highly open and configurable, users can take the technology and mould to their own application requirements or domain expertise.


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