SCR Triggering Circuit

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This blog post summarize SCR Triggering Circuit


To obtain the gate pulse for the single phase converters.

Apparatus required

SCR Triggering Circuit Kit

☞Patch chords

☞Power chord


Circuit Diagram for SCR Triggering Circuit

circuit diagram for-scr-triggering-circuit
Circuit Diagram

Procedure of SCR Triggering Circuit

CRO Settings

☞Time (X) Axis:5ms/div

☞Voltage (Y) Axis: 20V/div

☞Probe:1:10 CRO Probe is suitable one.

Initial Settings

☞Ensure the 15V Power Supply is in proper with Tester.

☞Ensure the CRO is working properly with probe checking and proper ground line axis.

Pulse for SCR

SCR Triggering Circuit

Experiment Steps

☞Connect the 15VAC to power jack and ensure the voltage is around 15V using test point.

☞Then connect the Ref AC Input from the power controller circuit.

☞The test points are listed below.
   – +15V – Indicates 15VDC.
   – TP – Indicates Comparison pulse.
   – TV – Indicates Control Voltage.
   – TR – Indicates Ramp Voltage.
   – TG – Indicates common Ground.
   – (G1,K1); (G2,K2); (G3,K3) & (G4,K4) – Indicates Pulse for Scr.

☞α Potentiometer is used for control voltage variation (i.e) firing angle variation.

☞Another potentiometer is used for Ramp control.


☞*If the connections are wrong the kit will get damage

☞*These pulse can be used for

Single Phase Full Converter Circuit

Single Phase Semi Converter Circuit

Single Phase Half Controller Circuit.

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