Pre-installed OS for Raspberry Pi for Free!!!

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Raspberry Pi OS with Pre-installed Libraries

Though there are plenty of Raspberry Pi Operating system on live, lot of issues are occurring while try to installing some of the Libraries. Deep Learning and Machine Learning libraries such as Keras, Dlib, Scikit-image and OpenCV Libraries. So to reduce such issues, we are providing the Operating system for the Raspberry Pi with Pre-installed Libraries.

List of Libraries installed in this Operating System (OS)

  1. OpenCV
    • Realtime Image Processing Applications
  2. dlib
    • Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithm
  3. Scikit-image
    • Algorithm implementation which Open CV can’t work.
  4. Scikit-learn
    • Machine learning Applications with API
  5. Keras
    • Neural Network Applications makes training and testing Neural Networks
  6. Brain Computer Interface
  7. TensorFlow
    • Applications like Deep Learning, Neural Networks etc.
  8. Matplotlib
    • Plotting the graphs using python programming
  9. imutils
    • Applications to work with OpenCV easily
  10. PyautoGUI
    • Mouse and Keyboard control and coordinates measurement using programming
  11. Tkinter
    • Graphical design using python Programming
  12. And lot of simple Libraries

List of Raspberry Pi OS without pre -installed libraries available

  1. Raspbian Stretch
  2. Noobs
  3. Ubuntu Mate
  4. Ubuntu Core
  5. Ubuntu Server
  6. Windows IoT Core
  7. OSMC
  8. LibreELEC
  9. PiNet
  10. Risc OS
  11. Weather Station
  12. IchigoJam RPi
  13. Lakka
  14. RaspBSD
  15. RetroPie
  16. Linutop
  17. Raspberry Pi Media Centers
  18. Plan 9
  19. Android Things
  20. Mathworks RaspbianĀ 


      1. when entering the password sanjaydchamp it is saying wrong password . now what to do
        please tell the exact password of this pi

        1. If you trying to access through ssh: type below command in command prompt or terminal
          ssh pi@ip address
          password: sanjaydchamp

          If you are using Remote desktop
          username: pi
          password: sanjaydchamp

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