OpenMV Cam-Machine vision with Python

OpenMV Cam gives any project the power of advanced machine vision with the ease of writing simple Micro Python scripts.

openmv cam


Machine Vision


More than just a camera board, OpenMV Cam is a complete vision solution that uses a simple IDE, rapidly integrates into any hardware project, supports shields for expanded capabilities, and already has a community behind it.

  • Detect a face when someone is standing at your front door, take their photo, contact your smartphone, then ring the doorbell automatically;
  • Use color detection to sort M&M’s detect and collect colored balls;
  • Find a unique marker on your robot’s charging station;
  • Take time lapse photos for security, science, and more;
  • Detect a landing zone object for your quadcopter/hobby UAV;
  • Record video from your UAV, Rover, Kite;
  • Control Pan/Tilt servos to create an object tracker or foam dart sentry gun;

You could download all the opensource files at


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