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Neurocam shows moments when emotions trigger the camera

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Neurowear has posted a new, nicely shot video of Neurocam to better explain how emotions trigger the head-mounted camera that only records what interests you. The Japanese company has also shared some details on their website about the concept and future product development plans.

In its current form the hardware of Neurocam is a combination of the Neurosky MindWave Mobile brain-computer interface headset and a new customized brainwave sensor called BMD chip.


According to Neurowear their future plans include a smaller device, making it more comfortable and less embarrassing to wear. They are also considering the addition of a “manual mode” and automatic “effect function” on the software side. The “manual mode” will enable emotion tagging to scenes, just like GPS information or time stamps that are tagged to photos. The “effect function” will automatically overlay filters and visual effects on clips based on emotions.