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Brain Computer Interface

Neuraldrift-collaborative multiplayer neurogame based on brain-computer interface


NeuralDrift is a collaborative multiplayer neurogame based on brain-computer interfaces. Inspired by the movie Pacific Rim , in which collaborative mind control technology allows the use of futuristic giant robots,the game lets two players – Jaeger pilots – control a robot by syncing their brain waves. The project was completed under 36 hours during WearHacks 2014 (, the first wearable hackathon to be held in North America. Today’s neurotechnology, such as portable neuroimaging devices, can tell us how our own brain reacts and behaves in everyday situations. These novel devices, though, are the source of many unrealistic expectations and, at the same time, of unfounded concerns. NeuralDrift is an attempt to bridge that gap, by offering a fun and interactive way for people to discover what they can and cannot do with neurotechnology, through a tangible and engaging neurocomputing experience

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