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Motus -A simple gesture and 3D open interface for creators


Motus is a, simple, elegant open source 3D gesture and hot key interface to assist designers and creators and its made in Canada

Motus breaks down the barriers between creator and creation, speeding up design time and giving creators unprecedented access to their creations.  Motus allows you to move and interact with your work as never before.


Motus doesn’t use a camera or any type of image recognition, the gestures are detected by a technology that is similar to a capacitive button that’s stretched into space. This allows Motus to have a working area from 0 – 20 cm; from the surface your hand is already resting. This technology is not affected by light or noise, so Motus can be used in pitch black to full sunlight with no change in performance. The simple hardware design also allows all the processing to be done on its own processor and uses about as much of your systems resources as a conventional mouse. Motus also contains 15 user assignable capacitive touch buttons, so not only do you have the freedom and power of gestures to improve and speed up your workflow, but also a plethora of hotkeys that you can map to your most used and favorite keys or sequences. This keeps you working without your tools getting in the way, slowing you down and limiting your flexibility. It also allows us to make Motus Bluetooth enabled.

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