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MetaWear: Production Ready Wearables in 30 Minutes


A tiny ARM+Bluetooth LE Platform for developing Wearable products (and more) that are certified and ready to ship to customers.

MetaWear is the world’s first development and production platform designed specifically for Wearables. It comes in a tiny form factor to fit any product and is manufacturing ready, certified, and cost optimized.

All you have to do is create an iOS or Android App and in minutes, you have a production quality Bluetooth Low Energy product you can sell!

With MetaWear, You can create hardware that connects to a Smartphone effortlessly.

Everything works right out of the box so you can build prototypes fast and effortlessly.

Simply download or fork the API on Github, pick and choose the sensors you want to use on the MetaWear board, customize your App, turn on LEDs and get feedback from the accelerometer and voila! You have a functional product with hardware and a mobile App!


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