Matlab Projects

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Image processing based Matlab projects

1) LSB Steganography
2)Colour based Image Retrieval
3) Target Detection
4) Matlab code for Drowsy Driver Detection
5) Embedded Zero Wavelet (EZW) Image Compression
6)Breast Cancer Detection using Neural Networks
7) Curvelet and Wavelet based Image fusion
8)Matlab code for Face Recognition using Gabor Features
9)Matlab code for 3D SPIHT
10)Matlab code for Wavelet Based Image Fusion
11) Matlab Code for Image Restoration
12) Matlab code for Neuro Fuzzy Based Image Fusion
13) Matlab Code for Iris Segmentation
14) Background estimation based on Mode algorithm
15) Medical Image Retrieval using Energy Efficient Wavelet
16) Matlab Code for Integer Wavelet Transform
17) Blood Vessel Segmentation in Angiograms using FIS and Morphological Operations
18) Image Compression using Run Length Encoding
19 )How to Extract Text from Images Using Matlab
20) Matlab code for Eye Tracking
21) Image Retrieval based on Segmentation
22) Matlab Code for Red Colour Object Tracking
23) Matlab Code for Real Time Edge detection
24) Matlab code for Optical Character recognition.
25)Matlab code for Iris recognition
26) Region of Interest Based Image Compression
27) Matlab code for License Plate Recognition
28) Matlab code for Embedded Zero Wavelet (EZW) Image Compression
29)Matlab code for Drowsy Driver Detection
30) Matlab Code for Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm
31) Matlab Code for Haze Removal
32) Matlab code for Real Time Motion Detection
33) Matlab Code for 3D DWT (3 Dimensonal Discrete Wavelet Transform)
34) Matlab code for Detection of Microcalcification
35 )Matlab code for real time face detection and Tracking
36) Matlab code for Face Recognition using fisher faces
37)Matlab Code for PCA based Image Fusion
38) Matlab code for Digital Watermarking
39) Matlab code for Diabetic Retinopathy using HSV and Fuzzy
40) Matlab code for DCT & DWT based Image Compression
41)Matlab Code for Image Inpainting
42) Matlab code for Glaucoma Detection
43)Matlab code for Background subtraction using Fuzzy
44)Matlab Code for Seam Carving
45) Linear and Morphological Image Filtering
46)Lifting based Discrete Wavelet Transform
47)FPGA Implementation of Medical Image Fusion using Spartan3 FPGA t
48)FPGA Based Sobal Edge Detection using Spartan3 FPGA Project Kit
49)FPGA based Median Filter Implementation
50)Defect Detection of PCB Fabrication with Subtraction Methodt
51)Median Filter Project Using TMS320C6745 DSP KIT
52) Eyeball Movement Based Cursor Control
53) Automatic Character Recognition using CNN –Python
54)Artery deposition analysis using Segmentation and CNN Classification
55)Moving object detection and tracking using SIFT with k-means clustering
56)Disparity matching of 2d Images using Matlab
57)Satellite image fusion using Matlab
58)Content Based Image retrieval using DRLBP
59)Cloth Classifcation using Matlab
60)Skin Disease detection using Matlab
61)Brain Pressure analysis using neural networks
62)Image Dehazing using Matlab
63)Fruit disease detection using Image Procesing –Matlab
64)Face Recognition using Combined SIFT
65)ECG Signal Steganography using Matlab
66)Oral Cancer detection using Image Processing- Matlab
67)Kidney Stone analysis using Matlab
68)Robust Image Watermarking Applications using SVD
69)Tuberculosis detection in XRAY images using Matlab
70)Image compression using Huffman coding and run length coding
71)Text Detection in Images Using Python

72)Blood Vessel segmentation in Retinal Images using Matlab
73)Liver Tumor detection using Matlab

74)Lung Cancer Detection using Matlab
75)Fake Currency detection using Image Processing
76)Shadow detection and removal in Images using Matlab
77)Speech Emotion detection using Neural network
78)Face Emotion Recognition Using Matlab
79)Leaf Disease Detection using Image Processing
80)Quality Testing of Rice grains using Neural Network
81)Driver Drowsiness detection using OpenCV and Python
82)Food Calorie Measurement Using Matlab
83)Matlab code for Audio Steganography using chaos encryption and RC7 encryption
84)Human Action recognition using Image Processing

Power Electronics based Matlab projects

  1. 3Phase Five Level Inverter
  2. Closed Loop Control of Chopper Fed DC Motor Control


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