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Machine Learning Master Class – Learn Easier than you Think🚀

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Hai, It’s me Sanjay Machine Learning Master Class Instructor, writing this Blog for you to deliver the values on Machine Learning.

Introduction to A.I & Machine Learning

This Mind map will answer your question

  • What is Machine Learning (M.L)?
  • What are the Types of ML?
  • List of M.L Algorithm?
  • What are the things you need to learn to become a Data scientist?
  • Why do you need to Learn M.L?

Supervised Learning – Classification & Regression

This Mind Map will give precise information about Supervised Learning algorithms

Task – 1: Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithm using custom Dataset

As per the Session, you need to evaluate ML Model for Custom Dataset. You can use any dataset (numerical data in csv format) for the code attached below. TASK is to, You Need to Post the Screen Shot of the Validated Report with your Dataset Tile or Project Title in the Comment Box.

Note: 1. You can download dataset from Kaggle or You can create your own dataset for certain application
2. Don’t use Energy Meter Dataset Provided by us for TASK

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What You Will Learn

Benefits of Internship

A.I Podcast – If 5Minute/ PerDay then A.I 💡

You can Listen to the A.I Podcast to Learn A.I Terminology in Maximum 5 Minute / Day

Join in A.I Community – Private Facebook Group

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  1. Really very much interested topics you are covering, but while listening audio is resounding and not clear.
    The way of introducing the concepts and summary in terms of mindmaps are excellent

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