brainsense eeg headset

Low cost EEG headset in India

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Brainsense is the low cost consumer grade eeg headset in india specailly for student projects and was the replica of neurosky mindwave mobile and has the same TGAM Module ,which transmits the Tgam Packets via bluetooth module.It has single dry electrode to place on fp1 (pre frontal lobe) of the head.

What you can measure with brainsense?

Brainsene contains of eingle eeg electrode and placed on the pre frontal lobe of the brain.Pre frontal lobe is responsible for cognitive behaviour,so you could measure focus,attention,anxiety ,familiarity .

Can it be used to measure the EOG  Signals of an blink?

yes you could detect blink ,as well as various movement of the eye.the raw eeg signal obtain from the pre frontal lobe contains the eog feature.

What are the projects you can do with Brainsense EEG headset?

  • Brain control wheel chair
  • Brain control Home automation
  • Brain control robotic arm 
  • Brain control music player
  • Brain control communication using blink talk
  • Brain control browser

What are the development tools tools you can use with EEG headset

  • JAVA
  • .NET

Is all the tools from neurosky mindwave mobile supports brainsense

Yes it supports all software’s except ios apps,all android apps and other software’s support brainsense eeg headset,you could use as alike same mindwave mobile

Is there any warranty and online support available for this eeg headset

Yes the product comes with 3 months warranty against manufacturing defects and you have  a online desktop support during business hours.


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