gesture recognition

List of Equipment’s needed for setting up Gesture Recognition Lab

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1) Microsoft Kinect Sensor

microsoft kinect sensor

  • Kinect sensor is a motion sensor that can actually detects the motion of the object. It has tremendous features to detect Depth Image, RGB image, Tilt, Microphone Array, Skeleton Tracking. The kinect depth sensor ranges from 800mm to 4000mm.

Benefits in Kinect sensor 

  1. No Data Input Device Required
  2. Voice Recognition 
  3. Facial Recognition 
  4. Helpful in rehabilitation
  5. Low cost depth mapping sensor

2) Leap Motion

leap motion

Leap motion sensor is a great device that can communicate with computer technology by just waving your fingers and fist. This is a worthy inexpensive gadget that has viewing range of 2.6 feet(80cms).It can also detect an object in darkness using infrared sensors in it.

3) Myo

Myo gesture control

Myo wrist band is a gesture recognition device that can sense your hand movements and controls the devices wirelessly. This band can be used in presentations, playing your loved music, and Visual entertainment. This is simple gesture control device that can be perfect in its space. It can be used in Hospitals, Business, sports and for entertainment.

4) Microchip Gest Ic


Gesture recognition device is a Light weight board type sensor that has 3D hand position detection with stochastic Hidden Markov Model technology. This recognition sensor is highly inexpensive that works in Position tracking, gesture recognition and for presentation applications. Gesture controlled Robots that moves with a gesture can be built with simple interfacing. This can support all windows Operating systems(XP,7,8)

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