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iTraq: The Cellular Tracking Device without GPS and Bluetooth


iTraq is a cellular tracking device – the world’s first global location device that can be found anywhere. iTraq determines its location using cellular towers allowing iTraq to be located anywhere in the world where cellular service exists.

itraq range


While other location devices claim they can be found anywhere over large distances, the truth is that they are all using Bluetooth wireless technology.
Why is that important for the user? Bluetooth has a small detection radius (tens, hundreds of feet maximum), which greatly limits its scope of use to household devices, such as keys, remote controls, etc.

Since iTraq determines its location using cellular towers, its radius extends as far and as wide as all cellular towers.  This, in turn, allows you to attach iTraq to a bicycle or boat, place it in the pocket of your child, or even  attach it to your baggage, and still be detected even if your baggage travelled to another country or continent.


itraq battery life

Most other devices that work globally, like GPS technology, are known as very power intensive consumers of battery life.  Even the most recent advances in battery life only allow a GPS device to work several days if not only hours.

iTraq uses Cell-ID technology and lets you adjust how often iTraq should report its location, from a few times in an hour to a few times in a day, and can work up to 3 years without the need to recharge a battery


itraq size

iTraq is as small as a credit card, only slightly thicker – like 5 cards together. It can be placed in a glove compartment of the car or even hidden under the seat of your mountain bike. It can also be hung on the strap or stuck on a flat surface with an adhesive strip that is supplied with iTraq.

itraq accuracy


iTraq does not use GPS, but it does use a technology that scans cellular towers that are in proximity to determine its location. The more towers it sees, the more precisely iTraq can determine its location.

how itraq works


Proprietary software allows  iTraq to stay in sleep mode most of the time – this helps to minimize energy consumption and achieve an amazing battery lifetime.

Depending on the schedule set by user, iTraq wakes up, determines its location by scanning cellular towers in range and transmits data to the server.

Then all the location information is displayed on your mobile phone or on the website.

how itraq works
itraq mobile application


itraq guard mode



itraq specifications
  • Size: 85 x 65 x 5 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-Pol, Non-Replaceable
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone


itraq faq



itraq faq


itraq faq


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