IGBT Based Single Phase Inverter

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To obtain AC voltage from DC input using Single phase PWM inverter.

Apparatus required

IGBT base single phase inverter kit.

☞Patch cards.

☞Power card.


Circuit Diagram for IGBT Based Single Phase Inverter

IGBT Based Single Phase Inverter

Mimic Diagram for IGBT Based Single Phase Inverter


Precaution Steps

☞Switch ON SW2 and observe the pulse across the Triggering Pulse.

☞Switch ON SW1 and observe the DC Voltage across Vs.

☞Then Switch off SW1 and SW2.


☞Connections are made as shown in circuit diagram.

☞First turn on SW2 (triggering pulse supply).

☞Turn on SW1 (Main power supply).

☞Connect the probe across the Load terminal and observe the output waveform.

☞Note down total time period in the corresponding tabulation.



Model Calculation

F= 1/T   Where,     F is output frequency,     T is total time period (i.e) 360oF= 1/(20*10-3)   = 0.05*103   = 50Hz

Output Waveform


Output from DSO


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