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How to improve Healthy Habits with EEG Headsets


ZenZone defines well-being as “a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity”. Their suite of apps addresses a range of subjects across these three topics. Some of ZenZone’s apps, currently available on the Apple iOS platform via iPad and iPhone, include:



  • Positive Attitude: Teaches you how to develop an attitude of unshakable optimism that will give you the best chance to succeed at whatever you do.
  • Mindfulness: Trains your brain to quickly and easily enter a calmly attentive, mindful state. The more you use this app the more you’ll naturally find yourself bringing a heightened, mindful attentiveness to whatever you’re doing, so that you can appreciate and savor each moment of your life as it happens.
  • Self Discipline: Helps you develop a will of steel, so that you take consistent action in your life and do what needs to be done.
  • Reduce Stress: Guides you into a profound state of deep relaxation. Regular use of this app will help you feel much calmer as you go about your daily life, and much better at unwinding when the workday is done.

To produce optimal results, Zen Zone is able to adjust the visual and auditory experience it delivers based on how focused or mentally calm you are. During that time, an auditory guide walks you through a session to adjust and improve your personal behaviors.

The Zen Zone suite of apps are designed to receive feedback data via NeuroSky’s  EEG headset and Brainsense EEG Headset.

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