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How to Avoid Gray Market for Electronic Components


Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive -ROHS

Pb Free RoHS compatible to mean Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr(+6), PBB, and PBDE.Due to environmental concerns, the need for Pb Free RoHS compatible solutions in electronics components and systems is getting much attention within the semiconductor and electronics industries.Pb free marked as z – Analog device, NOPB – TI/National, #PBF – Linear technology.

COC Certificate

Certificate of Compliance documents provides the manufacturer’s part number, lot number, date code, component description, country of origin, HS tariff classification number, ECCN code, RoHS compliance status, customer purchase order number, Anandtronics can provide COC from manufacturers or authorised¬† distributors.

Date Code & Batch code

Better to use 2 years date code for medical/ defense application. There is an obvious connection of date code and quality management. It can help to identify production batches with known defects. Its is important with batteries or components that has build-in batteries,They have limited life expectancy. Analog is more affected because it contain capacitive component, Life span of electronic components are more than 100 years, if not used or store properly

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