iot battery

Enfilm -Thin flim rechargeable battery

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Specs of this battery: With 3.9V nominal voltage and 0.7mAh capacity, the EFL700A39 can power a wide range of applications. Its lithium technology recharges rapidly from a 4.2V charging circuit and displays low capacity loss as well as long cycle life allowing some 10 years of use if charged once per day. The EFL700A39 is RoHS compliant and UL1 certified, satisfies UN2 tests and criteria for battery transportation, meets IEC 62133 safety specifications, and meets the ISO7816/IEC10373 mechanical and flexibility standards for smart cards.

ST said it is ready to fulfill orders for engineering samples and small production quantities, targeting applications including wireless sensor nodes, RFID tags, smart cards, wearable technology, non-implantable medical monitors, and back-up or storage for energy-harvesting devices. The unit price is $30.00 for orders of five units.

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Device is intended to be used in a wide range of applications including:
•  Internet of things
•  Sensors and networks
•  Smart card
•  RF ID tags
•  Energy storage for energy harvesting devices
•  Non implantable medical applications
•  Backup power
•  Wearable applications