Novasentis empowers device manufacturers with the most advanced haptic technology in the world. Novasentis EMP (Electrical-Mechanical Polymers) actuators and sensors are based on a major scientific discovery made in early 2000 pertaining to a new class of ferroelectric material. EMP is an ultra thin, light and flexible film which has electroactive properties. It is a piezoelectric polymer material that elongates when an electric field is applied. Conversely, it produces an electric charges when deformed by and applied physical force such as the pressure of a fingertip.

EMP material is a special type of electro-active polymer in which physical movement is caused by an internal re-organization of polymer chains. This inherent difference in material behavior enables EMP products to have superior tensile and elastic properties and undergo higher stretching and applied forces. It is also the reason this specific technology is so thin and requires relatively low operating voltages. Unlike other electro-active and piezoceramic technologies, EMP material enables products with a perfect balance of strain and strength, power requirements, and affordability.

The Clic™ Series EMP actuators act as a second skin for devices, capable of providing meaningful tactile and acoustic effects synchronized with touch actions. The result is a wider range of feedback or vibrations for hundreds of different activities and messages. Meanwhile, advanced EMP force and position sensors detect user touch at precise locations, and actuators create the localized tactile and acoustic feedback to animate devices. Clic™ Series EMP actuators and sensors are much thinner, lighter, more elegant, and a much more powerful alternative to other haptic solutions, and they greatly increase the feel and functionality of smart devices.

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Clic™ 1010 Actuator Features (available Jan 2014):

  • Localized HD Haptics—Don’t shake the entire device; have it vibrate when and where it matters – right under your finger touching the surface.
  • Quality Local Sounds—Crystal clear effects generated from paper-thin actuators provide audible sound effects to engage users and enhance the user experience.


  • Ultra thin keyboards
  • Laptops and Ultrabooks
  • Smartphones
  • Wearable Devices
  • Gaming Devices
  • Home Appliances
  • CE Accessories
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