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DNFC Tag: NFC Tag that Interacts with MCU

dnfc tag

What is NFC ?

The clue is in the name: Near Field Communication. It allows NFC portable devices to establish peer-to-peer radio communications, delivering data from one to another by touching them or putting them very close together. Basically, when you get your phone (if it has NFC as a feature) close to something equipped with NFC – like a tag – it invokes an action on your device.


It is very similar to Bluetooth and wifi because the three use radio waves to operate and allow wireless communications. All have advocates and detractors but they don’t necessarily act against one another. On the contrary, they can cooperate to make things easier and more efficient.

What is DNFC Tag


First of all, it’s a tag, which is to say, it possesses all functions of ordinary tags. But the biggest difference for this tag which makes it standout among loads of tags, namely the pitch feature is, it gets connected directly to Micro Control Unit(MCU) to read and write(rewrite) data. We open source all the information for the needs of further development, including Arduino sample code, Raspberry Pi sample code, Leaf Maple sample code, DNFC tag schematics and Android sample APP source code.

However, you can never underestimate this “seems-simple-enough” connectivity; it can actually result in tremendous fantastic effects as your mind may think of. Let’s take a glimpse of how the connectivity sparks fires.

DNFC Tag can easily exchange data with NFC-enabled phones. Compared with traditional read-only tags, its greatest advantage lies in the real-time communication with MCU via I²C which can bridge connectivity between the tag and devices. With it, users can realize a variety of applications such as intelligent watering system, wifi/Bluetooth password sharing, ID recognition, information exchange and other application scenarios.

How it Works


In an ordinary NFC , note that an NFC reader is the only way we can get the reading process done. Without it, the data couldn’t be possibly read by MCU. There is no other solution.


In DNFC,We can simply remove the NFC reader, and only by plug in several lines, can we connect MCU and DNFC tag, thus realizing data transmission.







  • 3k MIFARE compatible NFC tag
  • Power supply: 3.3V
  • NFC Type-4 tag
  • Support ISO14443B
  • I²C Interface
  • Support NDEF message reading and writing
  • Working temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
  • Working current: 250uA
  • Maximum sensing distance: 3.5cm
  • Size diameter: 53mm


Key Features


1.  Versatile: interact with MCU

2.  Everlasting: write and rewrite for 10 thousand times

3.  Sensitive: short range wireless(1-4cm typical, 10cm theoretical)

4.  Prompt: trigger actions within one tenth of a second; no discovery, no pairing

5.  Intuitive use: tap to go

6.  Stylish: retro disk record appearance, sleek and simple

7.  Active targets: electrification is required

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