AgIC Print – Printing electronic circuits in paper

What is AgIC Erasable Circuit Marker? AgIC Erasable Circuit Marker consists of two pens: Circuit Marker and Circuit Eraser. The Circuit Marker writes in silver conductive ink, and the Circuit Eraser erases traces drawn by the Circuit Marker. Circuit Marker: … Continue reading

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Miniaturization of next generation electronic components

  Small-pin-count packages Integrated Circuits   MCUs for the Internet of Things: Small Size, Big Impact   Small-size packages are a key enabler for fitting MCUs into the confined board space allowed by the majority of IoT end points. Wearable … Continue reading

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Brainsense 1.0 Proto Unveiled

Brainsense is the Consumer Grade EEG kit manufacture in India  for  EEG research and BCI Projects.       This Wearable technology is simple to wear it on head and read your RAW EEG brainwaves in real time.It contains single … Continue reading

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Brainsense Logo Unveiled

  Pantech Group has been into the Educational sector for the last 3 years. You have trusted our brand and have helped us grow to what it is today.   We very proudly introduce a new technology product in the … Continue reading

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Automating your home with human-like senses

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of innovative projects using both an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. And, this latest convergence surely doesn’t disappoint! With the Internet of Things infiltrating nearly every facet of our life, Maker Eric Tsai recently decided to design a … Continue reading

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How to connect the mindwave mobile to mac os

First of all, installed the software from the DVD. I highly recommend to install Mind wave Mobile Tutorial. Here is a screenshot.   Because with this app installed, you will be able to know whether your device has been connected … Continue reading

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Worlds thinnest speaker

This amazing material is only 80 microns thick and can produce rich sounding audio. Get the DIY kit now! THIN FILM PIEZO SPEAKER Polyvinylidene Fluoride Piezoelectric Film (PVDF) is a relatively new class of piezo-electric device. PVDF material is a … Continue reading

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Paperduino-Paper Electronics using circuit scribe

Arduino Pro Mini board using a pen plotter and the Electroninks Circuit Scribe (a rollerball pen with highly conductive ink). Within 15 minutes we printed the board, placed components down with glue or tape, and uploaded a sketch.   Materials … Continue reading

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Meta 1 Developer Kit-Augmented Reality Applications

TRUE SCALE HOLOGRAMS See the physical and holographic worlds merge through our 3D stereoscopic display in real size, depth and parallax. MARKER LESS SURFACE TRACKING Look around the room and watch as holographs stay anchored to physical tables, floors and … Continue reading

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Intel Real sense-Applications

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