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paper electronics-paper speaker

Paper Electronics-How to make Paper Speaker

  Materials Required 1)Copper Foil(Thin) 2)Paper 3)Adhesive 4)Speaker Wire(Any wire) 5)Amplifier(Preferred); Step by Step Procedure for Making Paper Speaker 1.Cut out a spiral patter using the copper foil 2)Adhere your spiral pattern to the paper
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Brainsense logo

Brainsense Logo Unveiled

Pantech Group has been into the Educational sector for the last 3 years. You have trusted our brand and have helped us grow to what it is today. We very proudly introduce a new technology
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home automation

Automating your home with human-like senses

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of innovative projects using both an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. And, this latest convergence surely doesn’t disappoint! With the Internet of Things infiltrating nearly every facet of our life,
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