Choose the Right Board of TMS320F2812 for Specific Application

Objective The objective of this blog to know how to choose the right board of TMS320F2812 for your specific motor/signal control application. List of the TMS320F2812 boards available TMS320F2812 Stick Board TMS320F2812 Tyro Board TMS320F2812 Primer Board Overview of TMS320F2812 … Continue reading

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Robotics -Arduino based robot car released


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Glimpses of Faculty development Program in Pondicherry Engineering College


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Brainsense -Brain Controlled Robots Competition at Sankalp

SANKALP, the national level Technical symposium organized by the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SEEE), Sastra university,Tanjore, challenges the wits and puts to test the conceptual knowledge of budding engineers. SANKALP, meaning “To Pledge” in Sanskrit, expresses the commitment … Continue reading

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mBot-educational robot for each kid

mBot is the easiest educational robot for kids to learn programming, Arduino and robotics.   mBot is a low cost, easy-to-run robot kit for kids to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for … Continue reading

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Pantech Conducts Two Days Workshop on TI DSP TMS320C674XX @Pondicherry Engineering College

Pondicherry Engineering College is an autonomous  institution promoted and fully funded by the Government of Puducherry. The College was started in the academic year 1985-86 under the seventh five year plan. Ever since its inception, the college has registered speedy … Continue reading

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XBAND: World’s Smallest Bluetooth Sensor Computer

What is XBAND?   XBAND is the world smallest Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE) module with a onboard InvenSense 6-axis MPU6500 motion sensor and high gain ceramic chip antenna, plus a additional configurable sensor,  all in one 6mm x 18mm … Continue reading

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The first person with two mind-controlled prosthetic arms

A new technology developed by Swedish researchers could help amputees to control an artificial limb in a very similar way as their own biological hand or arm. The robotic prosthesis mounted to the bone and controlled by thoughts is connected … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Pragyan -Day1


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Paper Electronics-How to make Paper Speaker

Materials Required 1)Copper Foil(Thin) 2)Paper 3)Adhesive 4)Speaker Wire(Any wire) 5)Amplifier(Preferred); Step by Step Procedure for Making Paper Speaker 1.Cut out a spiral patter using the copper foil 2)Adhere your spiral pattern to the paper 3)Attach the wire carrying the audio … Continue reading

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