Lesson 4: Learn FPGA- 2X16 LCD interface with Spartan3an Stick Board

Spartan3an Stick Board consist of 2 rows of 48- pin Expansion connector which can be easily placed in the breadboard and interface whatever interface you want.xiao cheng Let’s interface some interactive Display with Spartan3an Stick Board. 2×16 LCD can be … Continue reading

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Lesson 3: Learn FPGA – PWM Generation in Spartan3an Stick Board

As we get LED’s counting in our previous blog post, now we get our hands to PWM generation. PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. PWM mostly used to control analog devices with digital pulse switching between ON/OFF states. The combination … Continue reading

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Lesson 2: Learn FPGA-Binary Counter using Spartan3an Stick Board

Lets quickly move on to lesson 2 with Binary Counter.  It’s always interesting to glow LED’s on any piece of hardware. What you can do with those LED’s? You can Blink them, you can Scroll from Left to Right and … Continue reading

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Simulation of a BPSK Modulator on FPGA using System Generator

The article presents the simulation of a  BPSK  Modulator using Matlab/ Simulink environment and System Generator, a tool from Xilinx used for FPGA design  . The modulator algorithm has been implemented on FPGA using the VHDL language on Xilinx ISE … Continue reading

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