brain kinect interface

Brain-Kinect Interface, a hybrid BCI system for rehabilitation

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The research is proposing a novel hybrid BCI system which combines bio-mechanical signals acquired by the Kinect sensor with signals from the Emotiv EPOC headset through the strategy of selective attention, using SSVEP signals (see explanation below).

The combination of motion capture signals (Kinect) and the EEG-based brain-computer interface (EPOC) is used for interaction in a rehabilitation game for patients with motor and/or cognitive impairments. The system, providing a long and fluid interaction time, enables effective data collection that is aimed to objectively describe body movements through software developed for this purpose.

The interaction with the BCI system is performed by the SSVEP which allows the user to explode objects in the air, through the controlled focus in a particular visual stimulus; the EEG signals are processed in the OpenVibe software.

The system is being tested in the “Interactive Room for Rehabilitation”, a real space mixed with digital environment where patients with neuromotor disabilities can interact through their movements and thoughts, allowing specialists to perform objective assessments of motor and/or cognitive aspects.