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Blinksight, a fabless semiconductor company and leader in real-time location systems (RTLS), is specialized in the design of IC’s and turn key solutions for RTLS and wireless sensor network (WSN) applications.

Blinksight’s flagship product is a single-chip CMOS IC that delivers real-time information to track and trace people and objects in indoor environments. It delivers superior performance by its unique combination of high accuracy, long range and low power consumption.


The Internet of things

Nearly every industry will be affected by the ‘Internet of Things’ (Gartner, Febr, 2012). When ‘things’ such as consumer items, outdoor/indoor infrastructure and enterprise assets become connected to the internet, new experiences, operating efficiencies and business models are being created. According to Cisco (IBSG report, 2011) there will be 25 billion devices connected by 2015, growing to 50 billion by 2020. Imagine we could track and trace connected goods, assets and people in real time, anywhere, anytime with high accuracy (~10cm). This would create a revolution in integrated global supply chains and consumer businesses. In order to support this trend, several technologies based on barcodes, electronic tags (RFID), GPS and WiFi have been developed. These technologies are nowadays widely used for the tracking and tracing of objects. Nevertheless, because of strong limitations, none of them is providing real time information on processes, objects and people.

The RTLS Market

Blinksight has brought to market a high performing and cost effective Real time location system (RTLS) solution to track and trace goods, assets and people. The RTLS market is an emerging market, expected to show a significant growth over the next 10 years, moving from 130 M$ in 2011 to more than 1.7 B$ industry by 2020. Leading global players such as BMW, Airbus, Boeing, DHL and GM are pioneering  with RTLS-systems to streamline industrial manufacturing  and logistic processes (JIT ). In addition RTLS systems are being implemented in the logistic warehousing and medical segments. According to Gartner (Source: Semiconductors and Electronics) the industrial, logistics and medical segments will drive the RTLS market and are predicted to account for approximately half the industry size the next decade.

Market Applications

The RTLS concept can be used to address a large array of potential applications and as such consists of several market segments such as healthcare, logistics, industrial, transport, smartphones, smart home and retail.

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