ARM9 LPC2929 Development Board

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NXP’s ARM9 (LPC2929), ARM Kit is proposed to smooth the progress of developing and debugging of various designs encompassing of High speed 32-bit Microcontrollers. It integrates on board two UARTs, CAN, LIN, LEDs, keypads, an ADC input and LCD Display to create a stand-alone versatile test platform. User can easily engage in development in this platform, or use it as reference to application development.


  1. 8 No’s of Point LEDs (Logic Output)
  2. 8 No’s of Slide Switches(Digital Input)
  3. CAN Ver. 2.0
  4. 4×4 Matrix Keypad
  5. 2X16 Character LCD (Background Light)
  6. 4 No’s of 7-Segment Display (I2C Enabled)
  7. 2 No’s of Analog Input (Potentiometer)
  8. Temperature Sensor(LM35)
  9. Stepper Motor Interface
  10. 2 No’s  of SPDT Relay
  11. DS1307 RTC with Batter-Backup
  12. 2 No’s of UART(RS232)
  13. Virtual Port
  14. Buzzer (Alarm), Digital / Analog Output
  15. Interrupts Study, Reset Button
  16. Serial EEPROM (I2C Devices)
  17. 128×64 Graphical LCD
  18. PS/2 (Keyboard Interface)
  19. 40-Pin Expansion Connector
  20. JTAG Header (Program/Debug)
  21. Traffic Light Modules ( Optional)