Arduino IDE 1.6 Released

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Arduino has released  1.6.0 includes a lot of new features. Here is a not so brief list of them:

  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Drivers and IDE are now signed for Windows and MacOSX
  • Boards are detected and listed on “ports list” menu together with the serial port
  • Improved speed of build process
  • A lot of improvements of the serial monitor (faster, backed by modern JSSC serial library instead of old RXTX)
  • Autosave when compiling/uploading sketch
  • Improved lots of Arduino API libraries (String, Serial, Print, etc.)
  • Find/replace over multiple tabs
  • Tools & toolchains upgrades (avr-gcc, arm-gcc, avrdude, bossac)
  • IDE reports both sketch size and static RAM usage
  • Command line interface
  • Editor shows line numbers
  • Upload via network
  • Scrollable menus when many entries are listed
  • HardwareSerial has been improved
  • SPI library now supports “transactions” for better interoperability when using multiple SPI devices at the same time
  • USB has got some stability and performance improvements
  • Better support to 3rd party hardware vendors with configuration files (platform.txt and boards.txt)
  • Fix for upload problems on Leonardo, Micro and Yún.
  • Submenus with board configuration can now be defined
  • Libraries bundled with Arduino have been improved and bugfixed, in particular: Bridge, TFT, Ethernet, Robot_Control, SoftwareSerial, GSM
  • A lot of minor bugs of the user interface have been fixed

We are already working on release 1.6.1, with some very cool features we will announce in the coming weeks.

The IDE is available from the newly redesigned Download page.