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Android Mobile Phone Communication with Microcontroller


This project is mainly based on mobile phone communication with Microcontroller using Bluetooth Interface and Controlling the Device from mobile using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology is becoming a popular standard in the communication arena, and it is one of the fastest growing fields in the wireless technologies. It is convenient, easy to use and has the bandwidth to meet most of today’s demands for mobile and personal communications. Bluetooth technology handles the wireless part of the communication channel; it transmits and receives data wirelessly between these devices. It delivers the received data and receives the data to be transmitted to and from a host system through a host controller interface (HCI). The most popular host controller interface today is either a UART or a USB .Here, I will only focus on the UART interface, it can be easily show how a Bluetooth module can be integrated on to a host system through a UART connection and provide the designer an optimal solution for Bluetooth enabled systems. Here, I will show two examples of hardware interface between Bluetooth wireless technology and UART. One example shows an interface between a Bluetooth module and a PC via UART, and the other example shows an interface between a Bluetooth module and a Microcontroller via Mobile.

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