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AgIC Print – Printing electronic circuits in paper


What is AgIC Erasable Circuit Marker?

AgIC Erasable Circuit Marker consists of two pens: Circuit Marker and Circuit Eraser. The Circuit Marker writes in silver conductive ink, and the Circuit Eraser erases traces drawn by the Circuit Marker.

Circuit Marker: The Circuit Marker lets you draw electric circuits quickly and easily. This girl made a card for her mom!


No more breadboard :

Breadboards look like faster way of prototyping, but they can easily become messy. Circuit boards with AgIC technology are much simpler and more beautiful alternatives. You can replicate or revise your circuits as many times as you want.

paper electronics

Prototyping PCBs :

Prior to fabricating a permanent printed circuit board (PCB), you can prototype the circuit pattern using AgIC print. If you find your prototype circuit works fine, you are good to go. You can send out the same layout file to a PCB fabrication service. Save your time and money of re-ordering PCBs.

prototyping pcbs

Can be used as a marker :

You can also draw your circuits with a marker using the same ink.

agic demo

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