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3D Pocketcopter – the flying camera



The world`s smallest flying camera. Be creative and take pictures or videos however you want

How does the Pocketcopter work?


The Pocketcopter itself is powered by a 12V battery (rechargeable or replaceable) and is controlled via the touch screen of your smartphone.
The connection is via WiFi (similar to the remote control of the GoPro) or Bluetooth.
Due to the fact that, although the rotor arms are fixed one above the other, each spins in the opposite direction to the other thus achieving stability and ensuring quiet recordings.

Should the Pocketcopter lose the connection to the smartphone it automatically floats slowly to the ground.

The software interfaces will allow the pictures or videos taken to be instantly shared directly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram



  • Height about 19 cm
  • Diameter about 4.5 cm
  • 12V rechargeable
  • 3D HD camera
  • Range about 10 meters
  • Rotor blades removable
  • Previous tests showed that the running time of a fully charged battery is about 6 hours (camera) and 25 min flight time.
  • Storage Medium: Micro SD card
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