What is Mycestro?

It’s a 3D mouse that you wear on your finger and operate using gestures and thumb actions. The Mycestro wirelessly connects to your computer, tablet or other device and allows you to control it from up to 30 feet away. … Continue reading

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FPGA Universal development board

  To purchase and spec https://www.pantechsolutions.net/products/cpld-fpga-boards/fpga-universal-development-board      

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dsPIC33 Stick board released

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Neurosky Releases Two more new algorithms Mental effort and Familiarity

What do Mental Effort and Familiarity tell about my mind? Mental Effort measures the mental workload while performing a task. The harder you (your brain) work on a task, the higher the value. It could tell you many things such as … Continue reading

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Neurocam shows moments when emotions trigger the camera

Neurowear has posted a new, nicely shot video of Neurocam to better explain how emotions trigger the head-mounted camera that only records what interests you. The Japanese company has also shared some details on their website about the concept and future product … Continue reading

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Controlling a robot with your mind -Abstract from Hackaday.com

Brian had to develop a robotics platform capable of achieving some end goal. Because innovation is a large part of the grade, [Ern] convinced his team members to work with a brain controlled interface and build a mind controlled robotics … Continue reading

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ThinkUino Project from codeproject.com

ThinkUino (Thinking Arduino) is an open source project that allows to connect the Arduino board with Mindwave headset. The cognitive application opens new frontiers for control the electronic circuits through the reading of brainwaves. With this article I explain how … Continue reading

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Open Aquarium-Embedded Projects Idea- 1

Open Aquarium  is an Aquaponics Sensor Platform for makers, based on Arduino. It has been designed to help makers to take care of their aquariums, fish tanks and ponds, automating the maintenance tasks that take place in them, through wireless … Continue reading

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L80 -Low cost GPS Released

L80 is an ultra slim GPS POT (Patch on Top) module with an embedded 15.0 × 15.0 × 4.0mm patch antenna. This space-saving design makes L80 become the perpect module for the miniature devices. Adopted by LCC package and integrated … Continue reading

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What is MindReflector ?

The MindReflector® C-1 Neurofeedback Training Application is a true EEGBiofeedback/Neurofeedback training device for Windows-based operating systems (Coming soon for Mac OS). Your brain trains itself using visual and audio feedback from your library of mp3 and avi media files. The MindReflector® C-1 … Continue reading

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