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Modules Covered in this Course

1.Introduction to Orcad

2.PCB Terminologies

3.Orcad Capture CIS

4.PAD Stack Editor

5.Creating PCB Footprints

6.8051 Schematic design

7.8051 Library creation

8.Footprint linking

9.Component Placement

10.PCB Routing

11.Gerber Creation

12.Best Practices


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  • Design your Own PCB
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Meet the Course Designer

M K Jeeva Rajan


Microcontroller Architecture: 8051,PIC,AVR,ARM,MSP430,PSOC3
DSP Architecture: Blackfin,C2000,C6000,21065L Sharc
FPGA: Spartan,Virtex,Cyclone
Image Processing Algorithms: Image/Scene Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Object Classification, Image Retrieval, Image enhancement, and denoising.
Neural Networks : SVM,RBF,BPN
Cryptography :RSA,DES,3DES,Ellipti curve,Blowfish,DiffIe Hellman
Compilers: Keil,Visual DSP++,CCS, Xilinx Platform studio,ISE, Matlab, Open CV
Digital Marketing Skills:
Specialized in Analytics, CRO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, landing page optimization, mobile optimization, persona marketing, customer experience, Ecommerce optimization, emotional conversion optimization, growth, branding, user acquisition, marketing strategies

Complete Course Curriculum

( Everything Covered From Basics )

PCB Design

In this section ,You will be learning how to Install the software, and the Basic definitions
and Terminologies like ,what is Via, Solder pad,Mask Layers and How PCB are fabricated.

In this section, You will learn the various components in capture cis and how design schematics.
How to create project. How to link library and finally how to draw Schematics.

In this section you will learn.How to create PCB foot prints using Allegro pcb designer

In this section you will learn how to draw simple schematics,integrate foot prints ,Place and Route.

In this section, you will learnn the various layer of gerber and how to create gerber for Manufacturing.How to generate BOM .
How to conver schematic and Layout to PDF

In this section you will learn,How to design a Microcontroller Board.

In this section you will learn how to create a Schematic library for the microcontroller board

In this section you will learn how to create a Schematic Design for the microcontroller board

In this section ,You will learn How to create a PCB Footprint for the 8051 Microcontroller board

In this section ,You will learn,How to do DRC check ,Footprint linking in schematics,Netlist Generation and Importing Netlist and Placement of componenets in PCB Layout.

In this section, You will learn how to route the Components.

In this section, You will learn how to Release the gerbber for Manufacturing

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NOTE: Enroll before Offer Ends and get this Discount Course with all the Bonus Features.

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PCB Design

  • People are facing problem in the field of learning. A problem such as Not application basis, not interactive, not result-oriented, not hands-on, not precise, etc. these problems were solved in our new methodology of learning “Application-based Learning”
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This course has been designed to keep beginners in mind. You will be able to learn as we start from the basics. We have many learners doing this course who had no prior coding experience.

Course validity is 6 months, the reason for not giving the course for a lifetime is We no need number of course registration, we need course completion. As per the human mindset, whenever we have a deadline, we are used to completing the task faster than without a deadline. This is a proper mindset

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NOTE: Enroll before Offer Ends and get this Discount Course with all the Bonus Features.