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Best AI Projects across the Globe

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Agrobot- Harvesting Strawberries using Artificial Intelligence

An innovative generation of robotic strawberry harvesters to pick your fresh produce, all around the clock. These machines have been designed to perform autonomously within the rows in any farm.

NVIDIA and PACCAR Developing Self-Driving Trucks

PACCAR – which manufactures the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF lines of trucks – has developed a proof-of-concept self-driving truck with SAE Level 4 capability built on NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 technology, trained on deep neural networks. Level 4 capability is defined as a system that drives itself.

AI based lung cancer detection developed by 12 Sigma technologies

12 Sigma’s deep learning technology can detect tiny lesions as small as 0.01% of an image and achieve 98.5% of accuracy.This state-of-the-art product is first of its kind on the market.

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