Banana Ripe Stage Detection using Deep learning -Matlab


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Banana Ripening Stage Detection System Using CNN -Matlab

 The quality of fresh banana fruit is a main concern for consumers and fruit industrial companies. The effectiveness and fast classification of banana’s maturity stage are the most decisive factors in determining its quality. It is necessary to design and implement image processing tools for correct ripening stage classification of the different fresh incoming banana bunches. Ripeness in banana fruit generally affects the eating quality and the market price of the fruit. In this project, an automatic computer vision system is proposed to identify the ripening stages of bananas using deep learning approach. First, a database is prepared. Second, an aconvolutional neural network-based framework which uses color, development of brown spots, and Tamura statistical texture features is employed to classify and grade banana fruit ripening stage. Results and the performance of the proposed system are compared with various techniques such as the SVM, the naive Bayes, the KNN, the decision tree, and discriminant analysis classifiers. Results reveal that the proposed system has the highest overall recognition rate, which is 97.75%, among other techniques.

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Block Diagram of Banana Ripening Stage Detection System using Deep Learning

banana ripe stage detection

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