How to Interface Relay with AVR Slicker,Interfacing Relays

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Interfacing Relays

Fig. 1 shows how to interface the Relay to microcontroller. There are 2 input channels. Each input is connected to the triggering coil of the respective relay. There are 2 output channels that each correspond to an input. When the input is energized, the relay turns on and the '+' output is connected to +12v. When the relay is off, the '+' output is connected to Ground. The '-' output is permanently wired to Ground.


Fig. 1 Interfacing Buzzer to Microcontroller

Interfacing Relay with AVR Slicker

We now want to control the relay operations by using AVR Slicker Board. Here we are using one goodsky Relay. The relay consists of a coil and a switch. When the coil is energized, the switch closes, connecting the two contacts together. ULN2803 is used as a driver for port I/O lines, drivers output connected to relay modules. Connector provided for external power supply if needed.

Relay Module: PORTB.0 pin of AVR microcontroller is connected with the relay and it will be activated by making the port pin HIGH, Deactivated by making it LOW.

Circuit Diagram to Interface Relay with AVR Slicker


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