Automatic Fire Rescue System using IoT

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Automatic Fire Rescue System using IoT

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Automatic Fire Rescue System using IoT

The fire rescue system provides complete help to the lonely houses, in case of fire accidents. In India there are so many lonely houses between 5km, and they don’t have an option to ask help from others. During that time our project helps to pass an intimation or message to near fire stations. As our project using the help of NodeMcu microcontroller we can add sensors which will give the intimation to the nearest fire station. The sensors will have a fixed threshold, when the temperature increases above a fixed threshold then alarm will be activated. As the alarm activates the intimation will go to the nearest fire stations . When sensor pass the sensed data to the NodeMcu after that, the data will be uploaded, and that is for free to the IoT.

Software Used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Hardware used

  • NodeMcu ESP8266
  • Fire sensor
  • Smoke sensor

Additional information

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