Automated Irrigation System Using Arduino and Cloud

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Automated Irrigation System Using Arduino and Cloud

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Automated Irrigation System Using Arduino and Cloud

 In this project, an Arduino based Automatic Irrigation System backed up by cloud/server has been developed.In other words, the demand for food is growing day by day, so innovation in the agricultural sector is one of the most important duty of nowadays.Firstly, it reduces the manpower needed in the fields as the water supply will be automatic. This also indicates one farmer can now take care of one or more crop, which ultimately leads to an increase in yield. Secondly, with the automation of water supply, crops get the exact amount of water needed considering all the factors like its breed, the season, moisture retentivity and various other factors.

The proposed system uses Arduino-Uno along with GSM module, Cloud/Server, moisture sensors and pH sensors to implement this procedure. pH sensors are used so as to know about the fertility of the soil. Constant monitoring of the moisture content of the soil is performed by the moisture sensors.The main purpose of the cloud is to store the data and compare it to the threshold level. Now the threshold moisture levels are set in the cloud depending upon the season and the climatic conditions and the type of crop being grown.This is done to determine the fertility of the soil.Thus this procedure is independent of human interaction and is completely automated.

Hardware Tools:

  • Arduino Uno
  • GSM Module
  • pH and moisture Sensors

Software Tools:

  • Arduino IDE

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