OLinuXino-iMX233 - Open Source Hardware Boards

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OLinuXino-iMX233-Open Source Hardware Boards

OLINUXINO is Open Source software and Open Source Hardware, low cost EUR 30 Linux Industrial grade single board computer with GPIOs capable of operating at -25+85C.

OLINUXINO is completely open source - including hardware and software, which means you have access to all the CAD files and sources and you can reuse them for your own personal or commercial projects. There are NO restrictions to manufacturing and selling these boards for your own use or resale.

OLINUXINO use a widely available microcontroller iMX233, which costs USD 5.50 in 100 pcs quantity. This means that people can spin off their own boards and manufacture them as cheaply as the processor in TQFP package is easy to assemble by a hobbyist package.

The project is hosted at Github


The development discussion group

OLinuXino forum

The OLinuXino project started with iMX233 from Freescale for several reasons: this is an ARM9 processor running at 454Mhz with enough power to run linux and still be handsoldering-friendly with the TQFP package, which allows a hobby DIY approach; iMX233-OLinuXino-MICRO is on a 2 layer PCB, and yet it can run at full speed; the maximum memory of 64MB though limited the applications with it, so we were looking around for something more powerful when A13 from Allwinner came along.


A13 is a Cortex-A8 processor which can address up to 512MB RAM and run at 1GHz. Again, the best of it all comes from the handsoldering-friendly TQFP package (actually it's the first and the only Cortex-A8 in the TQFP package). So designing A13-OLinuXino was the next logical step.

A13-OLinuXino have 512MB RAM, 4 USB hosts (1 designed for WIFI), 1 USB-OTG, Audio out, Audio in, SD-card, VGA, buttons, 72 GPIOs, LCD connector

A13 Open Source Hardware baords


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