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In my college I have MCB2140 keil website they have written that if i want to use UART then I should disable jumper J9 off. i can't understand how to change settings of jumper. can you tell me how to do it?

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Hello Rushin,

Can you send the details about board(like exact part no).otherwise send the image of your board.We will give some suggestions..

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i understand about jumper setting.still i find error.i am using UART with my usb to rs232 converter.i am using flash magic software.i am using code from your works in simulation.but i find error. unable to connect at specified baud rate ,try reducing baud rate

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Hi rushin,
You have to use Com0(P2) for ISP progamming.And must put jumpers J1 & J10.Before press Start key in Flashmagic,reset the board more then ones.

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i did but.when i am using flash magic to verify connection i get error ' unable to communicate .ensure no other applications are using COM port. try raising or lowering baud rate

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For this error means,you have to ensure the same Port used as any other application.(Close all Com Port Applications) only the Flash Magic is Opened.

Before Start the program ,ones Read the Device (LPC2148 will detect) using Flash Magic.

Check the Cable configuration also..