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LPC2148-I2C using pin state change

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I was trying to interfacing lpc2148 to At24c64.
I have attached the program i used.
But i am not able to read/write please correct me.

  1. 1.txt
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Hello Naveen,

Please refer the attached file. Its useful for your I2C EEPROM Interfacing with LPC2148 project.

  1. EEPROM.txt
  2. I2C_EEPROM.txt
  3. Serial.txt
  4. UART_Utility.txt
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addition to the siva points:

1. configure LPC2148 as master and AT24C64 as slave.
2. One more important point is 100 kHz (1.8V, 2.5V, 2.7V) and 400 kHz (5V) Clock Rate so configure appropriate I2C clock.
3. understand the slave READ/WRITE timing diagram of AT24C64.
4. drive the master and probe the i2c lines using CRO/DSO and check it.
5. First try to write a single byte and read a single byte.

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