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Interfacing of Jotstick with LPC2148

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Hello Sir,
I am making robotics application in which i want to interface joystick to control DC motor joystick is 2 axis analog type.i connected its output to in-built ADC pins.but my ARM board is working on 3.3 volt and joystick has max 5volt so what is the solution for this?can 5volt joystick work on this board?if i connect it directly then is there any chance of board damage?

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Hi Sneha,

There is no issue in joystick operating range (5V),but the maximum output voltage range of joystick is must be below or equal to Vref(3.3v) of LPC2148,In case your joystick output range exceed Vref level means,put voltage divider circuit(RC component)between ADC(LPC2148) and joystick,its will reduce the voltage levels with respect your RC component.