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Data Communication using USB with LPC2148

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Dear sir,
I want to send data to PC using USB on hyper terminal.I also want receive data from PC using USB.So please suggest some shall I do this?

Nikhil Pangavhane.

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Your communication between PC to PC (or) PC to Any Micro controller ??.

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Take reference of attached image file,

  1. bmp
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Hello Sir,
I was communicating PC to microcontroller(LPC2148).I already done it.
Now I want communicate microcntroller(LPC2148) to microcontroller(LPC2148).
So what should i do ?

Thanks and Regards,

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Its not possible to communicate between two micro-controllers via USB unless it has USB host.
At least one of your device device should work as host.

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What is USB host?i don't understand their any way by which we can turn our device as host(i.e.microcntroller as host)?

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in pc usb host device is there, so if you connect a pendrive it accepts it and starts installing the driver. once the driver installed it will start communicating with pendrive.
So Host is nothing but a Master and has the ability to accept the new usb devices and its driver.
In some microcontroller USB host inbuilt as a peripheral and we have to write source code to accept driver.
In LPC2148 there is no host implemented. In Communication, one should be master and one should be slave.
Here there is no master device both are slave. So we cannot communicate each other.

Refer the following link to see any host controller

After finding the device u have to write a code to interface the host controller to ur microcontroller.

Or Find a microcontroller with USB host inbuilt